Dragon Keeper's Academy

Hidden Worlds Anthology, Book 2

Welcome to the Dragon Keeper's Academy:
a school full of humans, witches, warlocks, fae, and werewolves, where only the best and brightest get chosen to become a Dragon Keeper.

Dive into stories filled with magic, betrayal, and danger alongside students and professors as you spend a year at the academy. Discover ancient secrets, experience untapped power, and race through the air with dragons.

Dragon Keeper's Academy is an anthology of interconnected short stories brought to you by authors K.D. Reid, Lindsey S. Frantz, and Michelle Wilson.

Ever After Again

Hidden Worlds Anthology, Book 1

Enter the world of your favorite tales like you’ve never experienced them before.

Fly through magic gardens with pixies, confront trespassers in your forest sanctuary, and break the curse of the swan along with the heroes of your favorite childhood stories re-imagined. Enjoy stories with romance, adventure, and spirit. But beware, sometimes shadows lurk in unlikely places.

Ever After Again is inspired by fairy tales both beloved and obscure. It is the first book in The Hidden Worlds Anthology Series written by authors Lindsey S. Frantz, K.D. Reid, and Michelle Wilson. If you love fairy tale retellings, this is the anthology for you.