Gifts for Readers:

  1. Thumb Book Page Holder from IDEAWoodCompany 

    book page thumb holder for book lovers

    My husband is the reason I know about these. Ever get a hand cramp with a book? Maybe it’s a Mass Market Paperback Tomb or a book with a stubborn spine; this is something I think every reader would smile about.

  2. Foldable Book Rest from ThePeoplesStand 

    foldable book rest book holder for readers

    In the same vein as the thumb page holder, this foldable bookstand is a relief on the hands, too. Yeah, I didn’t believe it either. But there’s a video on this creator’s listing that shows the versatility and utility of a compact must-have.

  3. Just One More Chapter Throw Pillow designed by suvil 

    throw pillow for book nerds "just one more chapter"

    Throw pillows aren’t everyone’s bag of tea. I used to not understand, but I’ve come around. My husband, well.. He still doesn’t get it. If you’ve got a book buddy with a love for cozy places and lots of pillows, this pretty, witty design is just one of many. 

  4. I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie Travel Mug designed by merkraht 

    travel mug for readers "I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie"

    Sometimes simple is better. A warm drink and a good book are a good time for most bookwyrms. I personally loved the quote on this one. I spent way too many elementary school field trips listening to this song on repeat. On a portable CD Player…

Gifts for Writers:

  1. Black Women Writers Journal from thetrinigee 

    journal for writers black women

    This is one of many gorgeous designs celebrating Black men and women. I loved the mermaid and STEM covers.

  2. Writer’s Teas from RosieLeaTeaUK 

    tea for writers and authors gift set

    I'm not picky when it comes to the Tea vs. Coffee conversation. (Every day starts with coffee, but that doesn't count...) Writers who are all for their tea would love this giftset. 

  3. Coffee. Write. Repeat Sticker from NovaBookish 

    sticker gift for coffee lovers writers authors "coffee write repeat"

    If your writing buddy is more of a coffee drinker, this sticker leaves room in the budget for a witty mug!

  4. Plot Thickener from papuanLass 

    card game for writers authors gift writers block

    When writers hear the term "Writer's Block" we cringe with sympathy pains or maybe even at our own treacherous brains. Plot Thickener is a novel card game of writing prompts and queues to get that creative energy cycling again. Perfect for your best author friend. Especially if they're under deadline. 

Bonus entries:


  1. Bookshelf Infinity Scarf from dreamexpress 

    infinity scarff for writers teachers authors book lovers

    This scarf is fluff, I admit that. But it's so freaking pretty! I had to put it in the list or say bye-bye to a night's sleep. 

  2. Creative Block from TheCreativeBlockShop 

    writers block gift for authors creativity spark game

    This one breaks the $30 budget once shipping costs are added, but it was far too amazing to keep to myself.

Let me know what your favorite things to gift and receive are. Did I miss something really cool when I was browsing?