An Interview with Author Derek Borne

I had the pleasure of interviewing Derek Borne shortly after the release of his new book, Dino Rift! Let's talk writing process and creative thinking!


K. D. Reid

11/10/2021 2 min read

An Interview with Author Derek Borne

Author of Dino Rift and the Ultimate Agent Series

1. What made you go YA this time?

I found that even though “The Ultimate Agent” series is NA, I wrote it like a YA book. So going the YA route for Dino-Rift seemed like the right fit. It also enabled me to envision the dinosaur world through the eyes of a teenager, and what teen wouldn’t want to experience dinos? I felt it would also (hopefully) bring in an even bigger readership, so we’ll see what happens!

2. How many times did you watch Jurassic Park while writing this book?

Actually, I didn’t watch any of the JP movies while writing it. That being said, I did watch Camp Cretaceous on Netflix, which is 100% JP canon, and I found it really entertaining. I appreciated that the show also incorporated new dinosaurs you don’t get to see in the movies. That inspired me to use dinosaurs that aren’t usually featured in mainstream entertainment.

3. What was the funniest part of the book to write, and why? Which part was the hardest, and why?

Banter is always the most fun part to write. Other than that, I think the ‘bathroom’ scene along the river was one of my favourite funny parts to write. Awkward moments are always epic.

As for the hardest scene, anything with action is something I strive to get right. Multiple characters, each of them fighting for their lives, crazy elements thrown in… the choreography can be challenging. But I do my best to accept that challenge!

4. What was the most significant way the book changed from the first draft to the final print?

Other than edits, not much really changed. Part of my writing process is to kind of edit in my mind as I write. I know, I know… get it written first THEN go back and do the rewrites. But I feel I’m saving myself the time later if I’m doing it as well as I can the first time. Some dialogue was added, and I ended up writing an epilogue.

5. Is Dino Rift getting a sequel? If not, what's next for you?

Funny you should ask this question… Just the other day I had an idea pop in my head, and I’ve been toying with it like a curious velociraptor. Originally, Dino-Rift was going to be a standalone, but, we’ll have to see now.

Next, I’m working on another subtle spin-off to the UA universe (which Dino-Rift is also set in), and it’ll combine elements of three different time periods. All I can say is: 7th Century Englishwoman, an android-run dystopian future, and a sabertooth tiger. The rest is CLASSIFIED!